Monthly Fixed Fee

The fixed monthly fee is designed to assist companies with the satisfaction of ongoing obligations and requirements as a reporting issuer listed on a Canadian stock exchange, operating in the normal course, as well as compliance with applicable corporate law, including the following:

  • Preparing for the annual meeting, including drafting the management information circular and form of proxy
  • Updating Annual Information Form
  • Drafting and reviewing Press Releases and other disclosures
  • Filings with Canadian stock exchanges (other than as set out below under Transactional Fees)
  • Reviewing financial statements and MD&As related to quarterly and annual filings
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual filings required by the Canadian Securities Exchange (formerly CNSX)
  • Drafting resolutions of the board of directors and its committees
  • Attending meetings of the board and its committees
  • Preparing minutes of meetings of the board and its committees
  • General discussions, legal advice and preparation of legal documents

Transactional Fees

In addition to the Monthly Fee, Budd Law provides services with respect to the following types of activities for a very reasonable fixed transactional fee that may be undertaken as a reporting issuer listed on a Canadian stock exchange outside of the normal course of business:

  • Brokered and non-brokered private placement financings
  • Bank and non-bank financings
  • Share for debt transactions
  • Drafting new Annual Information Form
  • Special Meeting of Shareholders
  • Migration to another stock exchange
  • Short Form Prospectus Offerings
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Proxy Contest in connection with an Annual or Special Meeting

Hybrid Activities

Legal services for hybrid or other activities not listed under the fixed fee arrangements set out above will be undertaken as mutually agreed upon between the client and Budd Law taking into account the scope of the matter to be acted on.


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P.O. Box 70043
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